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Frequently Asked Questions

 Below, you can find some of the questions we receive in our inbox every day! Hopefully this page can answer some of the questions that you have sent in. If your questions are not answered below, feel free to use the Contact Us page to send us any questions, concerns or even just to say ‘Hi!'

Q: Do I have to pay to watch videos on
A: The videos on can be viewed for free.  There is no charge whatsoever.  

Q: How can I join
A: does not require registration.  Just click on the titles and watch the videos.

Q: Why do some series take so long to be updated? Why are you so slow in subbing the drama shows?
A: only links to videos on video streaming sites and does not provide the subtitles to the videos. We make every effort to post new episodes as soon as the videos with English subtitles come out.

Q: I can help you subtitle your videos.  Can I work for you?
A: Since does not provide the subtitles to the videos, we have no subbing staff. You may try applying directly to the various subbing groups.

Q: Can I download the videos on to my computer?
A: We are currently focused on providing streaming video links and do not provide downloads.

Q: Where can I buy VCD or DVD copies of my favorite drama? Can I buy a copy of the drama from
A: does not sell copies of the videos.  Check out your local video store or try the online video vendors.

Q: How long does it take to repair the broken videos? Some videos have been under repair for months.
A: Fixing the broken videos/links requires finding other video sources to replace the broken ones and some videos are not readily available.   It may take some time before we can find a working copy.  We do our best to fix the problems as soon as we can.

Q: I have been requesting for a particular movie/drama.  How come it is not posted yet?
A: receives dozens of requests each day. We try to fulfill as many as possible but there may not be links to subtitled videos available for all shows. Also please check the Licensed Series Page before you submit any request – these cannot be posted on and will be ignored.

Q: How can I easily find my favorite drama/movie from the long list of titles?
A: We have a Google Custom Search Box at the upper right-hand corner of every page.  Just type in the title of the drama/movie or name of the actor then click on the “Search” button.  You can also browse by category using the Drama/Movie List on the top menu.

Q: Is it possible for a "licensed" drama/movie to be available on in the future?
A: We can’t promise the status of any series but we announce all new releases on the site. The best thing you can do is to keep watching for updates.

Q: I love and want to make a donation!  How do I send my donation?
A: does not take donations right now. The best thing you can do to support is to spread the word – tell your friends and family and post links on your blog, in forums, on Facebook/Myspace page, any place you can!